The Bookkeeper 4 YOU!

Corinna Seelmann
Never again be stressed out by your bookkeeping!

What I do

As a small business owner, recording your financial transactions is the least task you want to invest your time in.

Hi, my name is Corinna and I am a bookkeeping professional.

  • Let me do the bookkeeping work for YOU, so that YOU can focus on Your business.
  • You will receive¬† timely & accurate financial statements, so that YOU can make good decisions in growing YOUR company.¬†
  • YOUR bank accounts & credit card statements will be reconciled EVERY month, so that YOU know all transactions are included and none are duplicated in the books.

Why Choose Me


  • I am principled, reliable,¬† & very detail oriented
  • 25+ years experience in bookkeeping & accounting.

If you want accurate financial recording of your business transactions, a clear picture on how financially solid your business is and want to spend more time on what is important to YOU, then we should definitely talk. Feel free to call me at 239-989-9106 or email me at